Trenching hot air lance

The trenching hot air lance "TRB" from RR GmbH is a universal tool for drying and preparing trenching joints for subsequent hot potting.

The sophisticated design of the RR heating unit with separate air ducts guarantees perfect temperature stability and thus optimum blow-out results.

The robust lightweight construction with integrated gas bottle holder allows comfortable and energy-saving work on any construction site. Widths are selectable from 60 mm to 200 mm.

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  • best blow-out results due to high-quality RR heating unit
  • stable and manoeuvrable construction
  • simple and ergonomic operation
  • High-quality potting results due to optimum preparation

Area of application

  • Drying and preparing joints for subsequent hot grouting
  • Cleaning and widening of cracks for rehabilitation using the HPS method

Standard equipment

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