Potting cooker HLK230


The stirred cookers are characterised by robust construction and fast heating times and a specially designed potting kettle with air circulation or thermal oil.

The simple and safe operation ensures optimum construction site use. Due to its modular design, the machine can be perfectly adapted to your requirements. 

An instruction session on our premises or at your site ensures that machine operators gain an optimal insight into the functioning of the cooker, which later leads to more efficient work.


  • Fast and gentle material melting
  • Compact and manoeuvrable design
  • Simple and ergonomic operation
  • High quality potting results
  • Extensive accessories
  • Safety filling flap with agitator stop
  • Self-propelled trolley with lift axle
  • Hot galvanized vehicle frame
  • Hydraulics completely built into the frame (no hose packages)
  • Height adjustable drawbar

Area of application

The grout pot is used for efficient and user-friendly installation of grout on long stretches or even short sections. It allows the heating of up to 300 L of hot potting compound and safe refilling thanks to a safety filling flap that protects the operator.

Standard equipment

Our machines have a wide range of standard equipment. To find out more, just move the mouse over the info signs in the picture on the left.


LED light strip

Warning sticker

ABC fire extinguisher

Hose reel

Gas & Air

Electric heating hose

Traction drive

Hot Air Lance

Hydraulic platform

Floor cutter / Floor cutter

Crane slewable

Picture library

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