Hydraulic crack milling machine

The HRF-L hydraulic crack milling machine enables the effortless and efficient production of milled cuts in asphalt. The HRF-L impresses with its practical equipment and ease of handling, both when rehabilitating crack damage patterns as well as when producing connection joints and rehabilitating joints.
In contrast to fast rotating cutting tools, the slow rotating carbide tool produces a rough joint flank, which ensures particularly good interlocking of the grout with the existing asphalt surface.
Hydraulic crack milling machine


  • virtually no dust formation
  • removes old joint fillings without smearing
  • fully hydraulic operation
  • Extremely manoeuvrable chassis
  • Milling depth & travel drive infinitely adjustable
  • high quality carbide tools
  • wide application range

Area of application

  • Joint production after asphalt work for subsequent hot grouting
    • around the edges of excavations
    • for connections to existing surface courses
    • Joint cleaning and preparation by brushing out
  • Milling of cracks for subsequent hot potting
  • Removal of old joint fillings during joint refurbishment
  • Wide milling up to 100 mm for manhole rehabilitation or demarking

Standard equipment

Our machines have a wide range of standard equipment. To find out more, just move the mouse over the info signs in the picture on the left.


Side milling device

Joint clearing wheel


Wide milling module

Edge chipper - Module

Drilling - Module



Rail milling module

Radio remote control


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