F-REX 55

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F-REX 55

The fully hydraulic system of the F-REX 55 allows the operator to achieve consistent cutting results throughout with minimal maintenance or operating costs. No belt drive and no wear on driving elements characterize the performance of the cutter. The angle of the cutting drive can be changed between 0° and 8° in just 2 minutes without tools. No need for cumbersome rebuilding of the blade guard to cut on sliding walls or on the board. The power values of the hydraulic drive are designed for optimum output values. Maximum performance with minimum stress on machine components.

Due to the hydraulics in all areas, it is possible to regulate everything. From the speed of the milling blade to the dynamics of the steering and the feed rate of the machine. The F-REX 55 is driven by a hydraulic mobile travel drive with 1000 Nm torque with integrated hydraulic brake. Thanks to its robust design, the F-REX 55 is absolutely quiet during cutting operation. No vibrations, no rocking and a continuous propulsion are the result. The newly developed suction system automatically adjusts to the cutting depth and impresses with its performance.

In order to relieve the operator during filter cleaning and to increase the service life, a vibration device is integrated which ensures that less dust remains trapped in the filter. All these features and functions have a positive effect on the milling discs and the cutting process and are included as standard. A well thought-out concept also offers many options for milling. Among other things, a module for milling on sliding walls.


  • Fully hydraulic operation
    (driving, milling, lifting/lowering, suction, steering)
  • Extremely maneuverable chassis
  • Milling depth & travel drive infinitely adjustable
  • Wide range of application
  • Novel blade protection
  • Many accessories (standard)
  • Ergonomically adjustable operator stand
  • Large diesel tank
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Hose connections (suction) Alu-Kamlok system
  • Divisible stable dipstick
  • Bucket “Buddy

Cutting capacity

The lower the cutting speed is selected, the greater the cutting depth and joint width can be.

1 Measurement conditions: 500 m at 12 °C & dry weather. Deviations in other conditions are possible.

1 cm
Cutting depth
1 cm
Joint width

Technical data

F-REX 55

Depth of cut max.

60 mm with cutting head SK35 (optional up to SK60)

Depth of cut adjustment

Hydraulically adjustable lifting / lowering

Cutting blade Ø

Ø 350 mm Heger Titan Wave DX100 

Cutting angle

0° to 8°

Drive motor

Lombardini KDI-TCR 1903 Common Rail

Engine power

42 kW / 56 hp

Exhaust gas stage

Stage 5 (diesel engine with exhaust gas afterburning)

Traction drive

Hydrostatic 1000 Nm with hydraulic brake


Hydraulically adjustable deceleration setting for straight cut

Saw blade speed

1800 - 3400 rpm

Suction (hydraulic)

32 m³/min 


2 LED with magnetic base

1 LED rotating beacon

Hydraulic system

CPS (Closed Proportional System)


1600 x 800 x 1300 (LxWxH)


1250 kg


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Yes, the maneuverability of the F-REX55 makes small job sites no problem.

  • Slide wall module for precise and fast milling on slide walls
  • A carbide milling module is under development and testing.
  • Driver’s seat

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